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Mahogany Taxi and Island Tours is the branch that caters to the visitors who do not wish to drive and would rather have a guided experience of Virgin Gorda.
With this service, you can explore the island with a courteous, knowledgeable driver and visit our historic sites, hotels, white, sandy beaches, the Gorda Peak National Park and the world famous Baths. You can plan your own island tour to include a sunset, lunch or even a moonlight ride to the mountaintop.
Group rates are available for island tours.

Taxi & Tour Rates

Island Tour
$55.00 One or two persons, 1 hour tour;

Scenic tour of the island which includes stops on the mountain, coppermine ruins, drop off and pick up from the Baths or Spring Bay Beach at appointed time. (Minimum 3 Passengers)
Taxi Rates (as stipulated by Traffic Department)

3 or fewer
more than 3
Beaches in Spanish Town area $4/person $3/person
Beaches outside Spanish Town $6/person $4/person
Coppermine $6/person $6/person
Charter to Gun Creek, Lev. Bay $30 flat rate $13/person
Restaurants & Hotels in
Spanish Town
$4/person $3/person